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We Have A New Name

As we head into 2020, it is with much excitement that we can announce that we have changed our name! High 5 Sports will now be called Venture Camps. Venture Camps will be our most recognisable name and brand, and also our PE provision and after-school club provision will be referred to as Venture Sports.

So why did we change the name? 

Well to be completely honest, we absolutely loved the name High 5 and didn’t want to change it for the world! Over the years it has become well known in the communities in which we work and a familiar reference point amongst children who gladly say “I go to High 5!!” when they talk about us. 

Quite simply, as we have continued to grow as a company, certain steps have meant that we have needed to register the business for a trademark..

As you can imagine.. we weren’t the first person to think of the name High 5.. Yet we felt we had to press on and fingers crossed see if we can get the name through un-opposed.  

Hoping to slip through the trademark net, fully covered in camo and wearing night vision goggles.. we came under opposition very early on in the application from a very well established brand. Un-phased by the challenge, the team decided to arm themselves to the teeth with nerf guns and storm the headquarters of the opposition. Hiding behind Stewart, our biggest coach… we ran in a linear formation and opened fire. Despite all our efforts it turns out you can’t win a trademark dispute with nerf guns and bow and arrows. 

So.. in all seriousness, we decided to see these events as an opportunity rather than a issue. It was clear early on that our opposition would not let us co-exist with them, despite in our opinion, them having a completely different company and offering a completely different service to what we do. 

A new name offered an opportunity for us to really express who we are and what we do now, which is much more than just sports coaching. Our camps have become a much bigger experience, getting children active in many different ways and engaging many children who in many instances might not like competitive sports.  Of course we considered all the close alternatives to High 5. We felt giving the kids a “High 6” at the end of the day just didn’t make sense and might end up bruising the single finger on the other hand. High Flyers or Fly 5 was on the cards, but sounded a little too much like a cheerleading squad for our liking. 

We looked for a name that we felt represents who we are. The word Venture means: a risky or daring journey or undertaking. Something that represents our holiday camps perfectly and fits well with all the new theme days we have planned for 2020.  Many of our days are much more than just sports. They are activities that at many times, stretch children’s capabilities and pushes them to try new things and accomplish bigger successes. 

So to sum up, yes we have a new website (we were going to update it anyways). We have new booking system, that will communicate much better with you when you book on for camps or clubs, also remembering your child’s details so it’s quick and easy to book next time.  We have NOT been taken over by new owners, we have NOT changed hands as a company; we are still the same team, we still carry the same ethos, culture and vision as always. If you call us, a friendly american lady still answers the phone! (Meagan) and our coaches are still the same friendly team.  Of course there will still be some High 5 logos here and there.. as we change all our kit and all the flags and banners this will take several months to do. We also know people will still call us High 5 for sometime and we don’t mind that either. 

With the new website, you can now book all year round for camps. We have already added February Half Term to it, and will be adding Easter, May Half Term and the Summer shortly, to help all the parents who like to plan ahead. To pay for a club, simply go to the clubs page and search for your school. Hopefully it will all be much easier. 

Happy new year all

Ian and the Venture Team