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Keeping everyone safe at Venture Camps

Here are the things we have put in place to ensure everyone is safe at Venture Camps:

1. Reduced camp capacities and bubbles

We have reduced our camp capacities as well as the number of Venture Camps locations. Children can only book now in a block booking and will remain in this bubble for the 5, 3, or 2 days they are at camp. Every venue will have all our senior full time staff who will implement safety measures at all times.

2. Maximum of 30 per group and 2 designated staff

Each “bubble” will stay together for the time they are at camp, with the same staff. These groups will not mix with others, and only play and have breaks with the children in their group. We run our camps outside as much as possible and the COVID risk outside are much lower.

3. Programme Adjustments

Having all our equipment and fun activities for 8 venues, packed into two at one time means we are now running a SUPER THEMED camp. Where groups will take part in more than one themed activity in the day, making it more exciting and more fun then ever before. Groups might do Ninja Warrior, NERF Battles and Pedal Karts all in one day! Each bubble group will have their own equipment and the equipment which is used by more than one group in one day will be deeply cleaned before the second group use it. In most cases, the different bubble groups will not use the same equipment the same day. A deep clean will take place each evening.

4. Social Distancing and PPE and washing of hands.

We will encourage social distancing within groups as much as possible. PPE will be available to staff for first aid, however we do not intend to wear masks as a team throughout the day or even at sign in and sign out. Hand washing will take place regularly between activities.

5. Designated Spaces

Bubble groups will be assigned designated outdoor spaces, indoor spaces and toilets. This will be for activities and lunch/breaks. Some of these activities may also be staggered to ensure groups do not mix in any way.

6. Ensure no one is displaying symptoms.

Anyone displaying Coronavirus symptoms will be required not to come to camp until they have met the self-isolation or testing requirements. Should anyone show symptoms whilst at camp, we will have robust isolation protocols which will be implemented.  

7. Changes to sign in and sign out

We will put in place a new sign in and sign out procedure which will reduce the need to sign registers and touch paper. We will announce staggered drop off times and allow staff to mark down the time a child is dropped off and which member of their family dropped them off.